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What is Dyslexia? Common Symptoms in Children

Dyslexia in children is common, but commonly misunderstood. This learning disability includes symptoms like trouble with reading, pronouncing words, and punctuation. Here, get an age-by-age breakdown of dyslexic signs and symptoms in kids.

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  1. My daughter was evaluated by her school in the middle of 2nd grade. They diagnosed a learning disorder in reading and writing. When asked directly about dyslexia, they said that she had several indicators of dyslexia. However, at the time, our school district did not recognize dyslexia as a learning disorder, so they did not specifically diagnose it. (Yeah, I know – that’s really stupid, but it was the reality of the situation.) I’m glad that I didn’t see a list of symptoms like this when she was being evaluated, because I would have thought the problem was something else. Her vocabulary has always been above average for her age. Her first word (not counting mama and dada) was kitten – yes, really. No problems matching words to objects. Nursery rhymes were never a problem. However, words and letters “do the Matrix thing” when she tries to read the. She’s in her 2nd semester of college, and finally broke down and went to disability services because the font in her text book for history was giving her fits. It taught her dyslexia a new trick – rather than just flipping and moving, the words and letters “melted and swirled together.

  2. I really like this article. I managed to get a university degree using some of these stragities. NOW … any suggestions / stragities on how to navigate life after school with dyslexia? Struggling to navigate work and home with dyslexia when you dont have someone giving you summary notes or extra time on tests. Hoping to be pointed in a direction of resources so that I can master life the way I mastered University. So that I can feel successful instead of a failure.

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