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How to Treat the Symptoms of Dysgraphia

Accommodations at work or school, occupational therapy, and at-home exercises can make a big difference when treating dysgraphia in children or adults.

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  1. As a dysgraphic who, many years ago, was forced to do all the letter formation drills and so forth I beg any parent with dysgraphic kids not to do this to them.

    Being constantly made to do a thing that you will never, under any circumstances, be good enough at is just cruel. Maybe, when doing it slower than a snail, we might manage a whole word that is fully formed and regular but it won’t last and as soon as we need to do it in an actual live situation at a functional speed the break dancing ink spider is back.

    All my ‘remedial’ lessons did for me was enforce my shame, prove to me that “trying hard” was a waste of time and leave me with a legacy of trauma and executive dysfunction to overcome whenever I want to write anything.

    Get your child on to the word processors, typing lessons and other technological solutions ASAP. They exist now and they will let your child fly. Making them constantly attempt the thing that they will only ever fail at is just bullying.


  2. Dysgraphia and 7th grade math/algebra? My sons teacher insisted he write wordproblems from the board…her argument was that through writing a wordproblems you figure out how to solve it. I argued that he is able to figure out how to solve in his head. This is private school (the public school system is among the lowest so…) of course the teach won. We compromised by allowing him to take a photo of the problem and write it later…i know, that debunked her original claim. So I would like some solid feedback on this particular algebra and dysgraphia.

    1. With a documented diagnosis of dysgraphia (a handwriting disorder), a student should be accommodated to do their work and show what they’ve learned through alternate methods. My son also has dysgraphia and cannot copy anything from the board accurately, much less legibly. You can’t solve a math problem if you can’t read it. I’d go the special ed department and/or the principal for help with this. BUT, keep in mind, none of the legal protections for students with disabilities apply to private schools. They do NOT have to accommodate and challenged learner.

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