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"I Felt a Constant, Low-Level Sadness."

"I wasn't depressed so much as unenergetic and unfocused. The ADHD diagnosis made sense." Learn how one Ivy League graduate fought for the right diagnosis — and learned how to communicate, concentrate, and clear the clutter from her life.

3 Comments: "I Felt a Constant, Low-Level Sadness."

  1. I would also like to know what kind a coach or therapist barbara is ?? would love to find someone like her in my area.. ????

  2. This was an excellent article. Where can I find out more about who can help treat ADHD? This article mentions that Barbara helped with a more hands on approach, but doesn’t mention what Barbara does for a living (life coach, speciality therapist???) There was also no mention of what Johanna’s role was. I’m hoping to find a list of people who can work with an adult who has ADHD, but hasn’t learned how to manage the symptoms yet. Thank you very much!

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