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Dear ADDitude: What If We Don't Want to Medicate?

"My 7 year old was just diagnosed, and we don't want to put him on medication yet. But his teacher says he makes humming sounds, gets up from his seat, and can't concentrate. He tells us he tries hard to behave but he just can't. What alternatives to medication should we consider?"

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  1. I loved this article because it resonated with us. Our 10-year old was diagnosed with severe ADHD and mild autism when he was 7. We knew he was ADHD long before that but we finally spent the money to get the professional diagnosis. This was huge for us because it opens so many more doors. But regarding medications my wife has been an amazing warrior on this front. She has resisted medications like the plague especially after a miserable experience we tried with a medication suggested by our psychiatrist. She has researched natural supplements by reading many books and has a wonderful regimen set up for our little guy that works amazingly. It probably would not pass muster with medical professionals but it works and keeps him focused and progressing. So, yes, through research, experimenting, and trial and error you can treat this condition naturally. Best of all he is happier and healthier. Blessings to all of you working through this. It is a journey.

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