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ADHD Coping Strategies You Haven't Tried Yet

What helps adults and parents manage life with ADHD? These 80 reader-submitted ADHD coping strategies — high tech and low tech — might seem quirky but try them to see your ADHD in a new light.

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  1. Oh one more thing on number 1, Outlook has a nice snooze feature that can even go off after you set the reminder. If you get a task that goes 15 minutes longer you will have a reminder before then.

    And definitely writing stuff down has helped because I can’t remember worth a crap.

  2. I’m still working on some of this. A few things that I have found to help are:
    1) At work if you have a desk job or have some way (fitness tracker or smartwatch) to have notifications, set a reminder for every hour of your shift to take a break. It doesn’t have to be much but it helps mental attention budget.
    2) Mindfulness in the mornings. I think that was listed here.
    3) Read during breakfast and don’t look at your phone during the first say hour of the morning. Maybe check the notifications when you wake up but put it away before you get sucked in. Don’t open the notifications just glance at them to get an idea of what your day may be, and if you have to, respond to one of them. This helps attention budget a lot during the day. And your brain doesn’t wire to the “ooh shiny phone” dopamine release and it is easier to let go.
    4) Don’t have social media apps and use the browser. Less bings and bongs to distract.
    5) Amino acids. I swear Taurine gives me extra focus. You have to take it quite a bit everyday. There are others like SAMe that I get off Amazon too. Of course this is highly subjective, needs to be verified with your PCP, etc. etc. YMMV, but my wife and I both have noticed a huge difference in our negative thoughts and follow through. I have improved in social situations as well.
    6) Trying a bullet journal. I have started using it for work and it seems to help. I haven’t yet for home because I’m trying to find a good digital system I can use on my iPhone. I want to see what works better because having a task list on my desk is easy but carrying in my pocket isn’t. I have seen other ADHD remarks that it really has transformed their lives.
    7) Take time to clean up your area. Go minimalist and have a few decorations. This has helped my mood at work tons.
    8) Get the heartrate up. It can even be a quick walk or jog in place.

    Positive self talk is helpful that’s the website and he has a book I recommend..
    How to talk when you talk to your self.
    I look back and 2 things really impacted me when I’m successful,
    Having some one that supports me unconditionally, (I didn’t have self acceptance let’s be honest we all need to work on it) I had some goal that was inspiring to me that pushed me to make progress that would be admirable.

    And I have a note book and pen attatched to me…even with a smart phone, having that I find is required still as I can better impulsively think through something.

    Then also, I challenge my negative self talk and accept my feelings by writing it out and expressing the negative emotions and negative talk and challenging it.

    In a way, just having a goal that pushes you to build a mental habit for the struggle of a negative feeling or negative mood or negative self talk to express it every time, then really after challenging it, you typically have already solved it.

    To build a habit, you need to identify your triggers of feelings and negative talk and you need to them make a commitment to every time you experience them to challenge them. Like every time. No exceptions. That’s why you need the notebook. You can take that out anywhere.
    A goal your committed to to make necessitating that level of change is helpful too.

    Often if I’m dragging managing my self itsbecause im Just should oh my God! My self that I should be more organized etc. when in reality it’s being organized enough to get your goals accomplished and have an impact.

    expressing it every time,

  4. Last year I got a smartwatch. Biggest life saver EVER! All of my alerts, timers, alarms, notes, contacts and calendars are right on my wrist!!

  5. Great list. If you’re prone to misplacing phones, keys, wallets, etc. Put them in only one spot in your house, such as a drawer next to your bed, and do this religiously. I do this as soon as I enter the door.

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