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Constantly Angry at My ADHD Spouse

I always expected my marriage to be happy. Yet, these days, I feel anger at my ADD spouse most of the time. How do I get control of my emotions and my relationship?

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  1. Angry, Resentful, Depressed. I feel awful that my spouse has ignored my concern about money he spent in the last week. Projects piled high. His job schedule is like a pin-ball machine. I have small concerns too..and sometimes I just want the chance to be looked in the face and feel he has heard me. I’m so angry. I feel I’ve tried so very hard to be kind and mindful of how his brain works so that I don’t take his lack of attention to me personally. Now I’m depressed and have made the stupid choice to stay home even though friends invited us over this evening. I’m full of self-pity which is making me feel worse by the second.

    ( I re-read my post. It’s helpful and read the words as if someone else wrote them. I would tell this angry, resentful, depressed lady: “chin up!…some deep breaths…a brisk walk…go hang out with your friends…tomorrow’s another day” )

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