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Closing the ADHD Confidence Gap

From time to time, those high school insecurities creep back in and I begin doubting my abilities for no good reason. Here's how I combat those occasional ADHD confidence problems.

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  1. Another great article.
    @Luci – WE get it. Keep fighting, you’ve got this, you’re a trooper, cuz we ADD/ADHD peeps have to work TWICE as hard to perform in this NT world. Keep looking for people like yourself that you can “vent” to on occasion, and who can relate. It really helps.

  2. This hit home for me. I am in a job where I stay overwhelmed and frustrated. My confidence has taken a huge hit. My ADD is making it very difficult to organize and perform my very demanding workload.There are a lot of people expecting me to be the “expert” in my field and I second guess myself constantly. All I think about is my job! I keep hearing fake it til you make it., but I am finding that hard to pull off. I am smart enough to do my job, but time management is a huge problem. I feel like not one person I know gets it😥

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