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How Chores Can Improve a Child's Behavior

Chores are an opportunity for your child with ADHD to learn about responsibility, develop skills for independence, and practice self-discipline. Here, learn how to assign tasks in a chore chart and set deadlines you can enforce.

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  1. Completely disagree with pay kids for chores rule.
    It is better to not rob them of the opportunity to contribute to be part of the family.
    As a team member, they can see the value of their work.
    Self-esteem comes from the value they give themselves from the work.
    It gets them to think about the “WE” instead of the “I”
    Of course, parents need to model this!

    Instead, give kids an allowance. It is money they are allowed. They can decide how to spend it (according to rules, if you want). If they dont want to do their chores, they can pay others to do them. THAT is where the extra incentive to work is applied for those who do extra work.

    I love the example that the family gains time to play with the child when the child helps.
    Give them motivations and incentives!

  2. Much Useful article. There are many apps available in store, most of them were available for free. So everyone can use it. S’moresUp is one of the free application that helps both the kids and the parents to help each other in finishing up with their chores in easy way.

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