ADHD in Women
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The Women Saying No to Motherhood

Many women today are opting to forgo parenting, a choice that may be especially common in ADHD circles.

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  1. Interesting read – I have 2 comments.
    Firstly, my reasons for not having children are a little bit of all the various reasons discussed in this article – plus, plus. Plus low fertility levels from endo. Plus being told over and over by my step-father, who was confounded by my differences, that “I hope you have twin girls just like you”, which served as negative reinforcement to a confused, unconfident, undiagnosed spectrum child and combined with my inner ADHD rebel part to send me down the childfree (NOT childLESS!) path in this life.
    Secondly, what the world needs is MORE autistic children in it, not less. Why? Because I 100% believe the survival and evolution of the human race is unequivocally dependent on neurodivergence. The evidence is already in front of us from our past advancements which have occurred primarily when lateral and other alternative thinking was added to linear concepts. However, for this outcome to be realised a massive shift has to take place that provides greater acceptance and support from the neurotypical dominated world we currently live in to enable spectrum people with the confidence to have children (and if neurodiverse children are more likely from neurodiverse parents then GOOD!), and not only survive the experience, but THRIVE.

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