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The Secret to Better Behavior? No Punishment at All

If you’re exhausted and running out of ideas to correct your child’s difficult behaviors, you’re not alone. As I’ve learned, disciplining children with ADHD often means trying a few key strategies with one great twist – there’s actually no punishment involved at all!

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  1. Your child’s team are correct. Evidence, and long experience, bear that out.
    The internal torment this described approach would cause within your teen, and the knowledge that you don’t have the loving strength to hold and guide him to a functional adulthood, plus the social consequences thereof with his peers, is irresponsible and avoidant – arguably passive-aggressive.
    Allowing sabotaging behaviour and not giving consequences is well-intentioned but selfish and short-sighted and NEVER works to support the child/teen.

  2. Our 13 year old has the disattentive variety of ADHD and we allowed a medication holiday over Christmas. Several hundred dollars in cash and gift cards were stolen by him. He confessed and was told that he would need to repay it.

    When we attempted to limit gaming time to one hour per day, our son had a meltdown. After reading this article, we are concerned that levying punishment may not be the best strategy. Psychiatrist, therapist and crisis worker all agreed that consequences are in order. However, after reading this article, we really don’t know if limiting screen time as a punishment is in order. Your guidance and insight would be appreciated.

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