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17 Happiness Rules When ADHD Emotions Go Awry

People with ADHD feel everything more vividly. When it comes to passion, joy, and curiosity, this is a good thing. When it comes to rejection, overwhelm, and anger, powerful emotions can be debilitating. Learn to keep your feelings under control with these 17 tips from Ned Hallowell.

4 Comments: 17 Happiness Rules When ADHD Emotions Go Awry

  1. Love the tips, except for #3…stating that compulsive exercise is ‘healthy’ and ‘positive’ is so dangerous, esp for people who already have disordered eating habits..

  2. This article gave me some great ideas on ways I can control my ADHD emotional outbursts. I don’t have them as often as I did when I was younger now that I’m in my 70’s, but when a situation becomes stressful I still over react sometimes, for which I’m embarrassed afterwords and have to apologize to those around me.

    One thing I’ve always wondered about, is a path I take many times when I need to calm down and relax. I love good music and have made that a big part of my life and daily activities. However, since I was age 12, I’ve used porn as a sure way to cover my stressful feelings. Over time, I have become highly addicted to porn videos on the internet. Since I’m now divorced and live alone, I find porn to be a great source of release and relief, especially at night. However, I know so painfully well that trying to form an intimate relationship with another woman will be very difficult and that before marrying again, I will definitely need to let go of my porn addiction once and for all. In discussing my situation with my psychiatrist, he believes that even after marriage, I will still be addicted to porn because after all this time, it is now wired into my brain.

    I would appreciate any thoughts by professional or non-professional ADHD persons.


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