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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage is hard — and when ADHD is in the picture, it can feel downright impossible. Here, a wife who is ready to walk asks what she can do to save her marriage.

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  3. And to top it all off, have a sense of humor! ??? Umm, no a sense of humor will not help me during the tough times unless I’ve resigned myself to accepting zero love, in which case, sure – being sneered at for asking for help, being yelled at for voicing concerns, being given up on basically, being left to do everything myself, continuously having to convince someone they should want to be married to you… all suuuuuper funny.

  4. So the.ADHD spouse’s to do list has 2 items, and the non-ADHD spouse’s list has what, 9? Apparently only a saint with no needs of her own can be married to an ADHD spouse. Wish I knew this before I git married to a guy with ADHD.

  5. Those who are interested in the topic of ADHD and its impact on marriage, as well as constructive ways to improve marriages impacted by ADHD will find excellent resources at the ADHDmarriage website.
    Melissa Orlov, Author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage and long-time contributor to ADDitude Magazine

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