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"But I Hate Sports!" How to Get Your Video-Gamer Outside

"My son's playdates comprise playing video games for five hours on a Saturday. He's a nerdy kid — no sports, 130 IQ, ADHD, non-outdoors person — any suggestions?"

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  1. My problem with this specific article is that it does not address the actual question it proposes to answer, which is: How do I get a gamer to get outside for some fresh air”?

  2. My teen son has been deeply into Minecraft for 10 years and I know several adults who love it so I wouldn’t wait for your kid to grow out of it. The developers are always updating it and making it more desirable. My son plays alone but he prefers building huge worlds with friends. Neither of my boys have been into sports so I understand your point. My older son loves to take walks now that he’s an adult but when he was in school he was involved with theatre. My teen son likes games like Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom which are fun for all ages. We take walks in our neighborhood with our pets or drive to local parks and upgrade/catch creatures on the apps. It gets us outside while still enjoying technology. There are other apps/games like this such as “Zombies Run” and “Fitness Fantasy”. As long as your child is having fun, learning a little something and getting some sun/fresh air there are lots of options to get your kid out of his/her room. Have fun!

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