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Bring Out Your Child's Inner Executive

Six ways for parents to improve executive dysfunction in kids with attention deficit.

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  1. I love the ideas about tracking the child’s assignments and homework and reminding them about papers, but I have adhd too and am not good at that, I find it completely overwhelming especially when I add in the stuff I track for home and work. I’m also a single parent, any suggestions?

    1. I usually have a daily meeting with my son as soon as we get home. I ask him what his plan is to complete his work today. We look through the day’s papers to try to catch anything missed. As much as you can make routine, the better. And there are apps to help manage schoolwork, or even a simple to-do list app with prioritization and alerts would work. If you can get the teachers to email you assignments or if your school posts assignments online, that is an awesome help (I’ve never been successful at getting either of those).

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