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Stimulants Do Not Cause Tics

A new study conducted by Yale researchers indicates that stimulant medications used to treat ADHD do not cause or exacerbate tics, as previously thought.

2 Comments: Stimulants Do Not Cause Tics

  1. There is something wrong with the study. I have ADHD. In 2010 I started taking stimulants. I was 35 and teaching. I got tics and muscle twitches mostly in my face-lower lip, chin, and forehead as well as a clenching movement in my diaphragm every time I breathed out.

    I stopped taking the stimulant because the tics were ugly and uncomfortable. The tics went away.
    A couple of years later I started on a different stimulant. The tics came back. I stayed the course though because I needed the meds for work. I went off when I lost my job anyway. The tics went away.

    I just started Concerta a week ago. I have the lower lip and chin thing as well as the breathing thing again. I can’t stand it. It hurts and I can’t make it stop. It is absolutely 100% triggered by the stimulant medication. When I don’t take that med, I don’t have the tics. I did not have tics before I started taking stimulants the first time. They only happen with the stimulant.

  2. I call BS! My son was recently started on Ritalin for ADHD and within a week he has developed pronounced facial tics that he didn’t have prior to starting the medication. So again….BS on this “research”! Research probably funded by grants by the makers of Ritalin and Adderal!

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