How ADHD Is Diagnosed
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Could High-Tech Brain Scans Help Diagnose ADHD?

The jury is still out regarding brain scans used to diagnose ADHD. Learn why some experts say neuroimaging, like a SPECT test, might offer a clearer picture, while others question the results.

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  1. It is totally irresponsible of you to be re-publishing an article that was written over 14 years ago. You noted that it was updated on October 6, 202 but there are some facts in there that are dated. The article includes the opinion of some doctors discounting the benefits of SPECT and qEEG technologies in helping to better diagnose ADHD and other mental health disorders. The experience of the doctors that use them and the results from these tests speak volumes as to their benefit in providing the correct medication to those suffering with ADHD symptoms. Too often stimulants are prescribed to those that shouldn’t be taking them and in some instances has made things far worse.

    After many years of playing the guessing game with my son’s ADHD, anxiety and depression, I took him to one of eight (yes, it’s up to eight now) Amen clinics. The SPECT imaging helped his psychiatrist determine the right medication for him. He is finally able to function and think without distraction and emotional breakdown.

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