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Boys with ADHD Need Their Dads

Parenting tips from Dr. Larry Silver on why boys with ADHD benefit from special attention from their fathers.

3 Comments: Boys with ADHD Need Their Dads

  1. While the role of a father is very important I’m concerned with how this article just focuses on the need for a father in the life of an ADD boy but fails to offer alternatives to those boys whose fathers are not in their lives at all. If a child with ADD read this article how do you think it would make them feel?

    1. There are no alternatives for a father .
      I think this article was written for Women and men who dont have
      ADHD Them selves to understand that .

      1. I get the article was written to adults without ADD and I get the importance of a father in a child’s life and I agree. However I think the article should have offered alternative suggestions to the mother who is single and raising the child without the father in their life. It would be so sad for a child who doesn’t have a father in their life to accidentally read this article. How do you think that would make them feel? This article makes it sound like without a father they don’t have a chance of developing a normal healthy life and that’s not true when there are other male role models in the picture.

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