ADHD in College
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Bound for College?

10 tips to help college students with ADHD achieve academic, social and personal success.

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  1. Determine what you would like to receive from studying each subject. Do you have a desire to study this course at all? Or is your goal only to get a certificate from the teacher about his passage? Is this subject obligatory for you, but completely not of interest to you?

    My goals regarding each subject could be determined by how often I appeared there, sat on the first desk or went to the end of the audience, how actively I participated in the learning process and what relationships I tried to establish with the teacher.

    In some subjects, I wanted to deeply master the material. For others – just somehow pass the test. And for the third – my goal was to receive a dear john letter from the teacher.

    My mother taught for several decades in college. At home, she talked about students whom she barely knew, and who asked to write letters of recommendation to them. She refused to many only because she had nothing to say about them (including the positive). On the other hand, she was glad to support students who are making serious efforts to study. Most teachers want to help you, but you need to show them your strengths. Even if you do not get the highest score in this subject, you can nevertheless give the teacher enough material for a great letter of recommendation if you actively participate in the learning process and show respect for the teacher.

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