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The Best Workout Apps for Your ADHD Brain & Body

What are the best workout apps for finding online classes, tracking fitness and activity, and personalized coaching? Try out these ADHD-tested favorites recommended by ADDitude readers in the summer of 2020.

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  1. I’ve started seeing ads pop up about a community called Outrun the Dark? Apparently they donate a portion of their proceeds to a mental health charity and after buying something you are a part of their running community, and they offer support and encouragement and rewards. It seems geared more towards depression and anxiety, but has anyone else heard of this, or have experience with it?

    Also, I second Zombies Run! I love that program.

  2. I’m surprised Zombies, Run! and Zombies, Run! 5k Training didn’t make the list. They’re both free with with upgrades. (I’m not affiliated, it’s just a really neat app) They help make walking and running fun! You can pipe in your own music playlist and then the audio adventure breaks in and tells you what to do. You run to “get supplies” for your camp and they added a way to do interval training by having zombies “chase” you. It includes stats and trackers, too. It combines a lot of things I think those, like me, with ADD/ADHD would find really engrossing and motivational.

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