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38 Apps and Add-Ons That Transformed My Productivity

Unfortunately, there is no perfect ADHD app. But on the other hand, some of these come pretty close! While they won’t erase your ADHD symptoms, they <em>have</em> been rigorously tested by an ADHD app expert, and, if used wisely, can seriously boost your productivity.

4 Comments: 38 Apps and Add-Ons That Transformed My Productivity

  1. UGH!!! This article—in conjunction with countless others I’ve read in my frustratingly elusive endeavor to somehow identify which aspects of functionality in the vast sea of myriad system-formatted available technology would best address my specific needs—lacks & demands (particularly with respect to the universally/experienced ADHD trait of “OVERWHELM”) some sort of discernible method of categorization to EFFECTIVELY assist those bewildered & confused in the concerted quest to make more targeted, informed, individually-tailored choice(s).

    At this point, after perusing literally dozens upon dozens of articles which despite the implicit intention of making it easier to wisely choose from among the ever-increasing-as-we-speak multitude of same, I am tearing my hair out & throwing my hands up in resigned defeat.

    Here are a couple ideas:

    Categorization via labeled one- or two-word headings (& perhaps sub-headings)

    A user-friendly, cross-referential chart

    An extensive multiple-choice quiz, the collective results of which are assessed via algorithm to output ONLY THE MOST HIGHLY SUCCINT of returned so-deemed most compatible products via matching of purpose(s) of various function(s) of device(s) to user’s identified need(s).

    Diagnosed, Medicated & Desperate—& as of late, Contemplating Self-Proclaimed Insanity

  2. I use Grammarly every day. It is a very useful app you can find. If you want to improve your writing then Grammarly is your first choice.

  3. I use an app called TickTick (I have it on android, I’m pretty sure they’re multi-platform). I tried so many “To-do” apps, it’s ridiculous. They all were missing the exact same feature: the ability to add/edit/check off an item directly from the home screen widget. With TickTick, I can do all of those things and more. I view the whole week directly from my home screen, I can post-pone items I didn’t get to, or reschedule them. I can organize my to-do’s in lists (and share them!), schedule recurring tasks, view my main calendar’s events/reminders (I use Google calendar). All the other apps, I could *see* what needed to be done, but if I didn’t *immediately* open the app, navigate to the to-do section, locate the task, and check it off the instant I did it, I’d forget to do it. Then I’d be stuck wondering “when was the last time I did this?” or “Did I do that?” Since TickTick let’s me check stuff off from the on-screen widget (which is my default home screen that I see what time I turn my phone on) not only can I check my to-do’s quickly and easily, I can check them off just as quickly and easily when I look to see what my next task is. (I’m not affiliated with TickTick in anyway. I get no benefit from mentioning them other than the personal satisfaction of helping someone else.) ^_^

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