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Never Punish a Child for Bad Behavior Outside Their Control

Your child's bad behavior is not personal. Make ADHD the enemy; not your child. Catch your child being good every day. Stop blaming others. And other rules for parenting a child with ADD that every family needs to hear.

6 Comments: Never Punish a Child for Bad Behavior Outside Their Control

  1. Yeah, these kids need more attention and care. And parents need patience. I have a sister with this diagnosis, and we are making a great effort to make her and our lives as comfortable as possible, and relationships close and trusting. It is a very difficult job that requires patience and understanding!
    Thank you for this guide for all parents! It is very useful!

  2. Please help me understand why my 16 yr old daughter lies. By lying I mean in her text and dm messages. Is she trying to fit in, get attention? She has friends but more like at dance…they all arrive early to hang, or the group that stays after school to hang or maybe just once a week a friend to hang with. She does not have that group of friends that we see other kids hanging with every day. Just need some advice. I know teens with ADHD are socially challenged. She is working two weeks at a time every other week this summer as a camp counselor and our weekends are quite busy with family friends. I’m just curious to see if anyone else is dealing with lying for attention or the lack of consistent friends during the summer.

  3. Deborah, great article.
    How would you adjust this to a 17-year old boy battling his ADHD? and, to his parents?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Wow, I’m so glad I went looking for help this morning, everything I’ve read so far has been so helpful. I’ve been coping and pasting all morning. Thank you.

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