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What Is Neurofeedback? A Brain-Training ADHD Treatment

Neurofeedback is likely to improve focus if your child has been correctly diagnosed, and if he or she has a therapist who encourages improvement. Here is everything you need to know about this natural therapy for ADHD.

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  1. Unfortunately this didn’t help our son. It is very expensive and time consuming. He did it for about a year and no improvement or changes.

  2. I think its important to clarify that neurofeedback is not the even remotely like ‘forcing yourself to focus’, this would be more accurately described as self abuse and not anything with a chance at producing a lasting positive therapeutic outcome.

    Neurofeedback as Dr. Monastra describes and as our group at Quietmind Foundation practices is NOT a willful act. The results are not simply a reflection of the effortful will and intent of the client, it is a conditioned response due to the training activity itself coupled with the positive transference relationship with the trainer/therapist. It is important, in my opinion to disabuse people of the idea that neurofeedback is a video game, it is not, it’s actually quite the opposite. The point of the feedback is to foster relaxed and focused attention to ones internal state, not the score or the number of levels you’ve achieved in the ‘game’. The instruction we give to our clients is “Notice what your internal experience is when you get the reward, the activity on the screen is only a cue to you to notice what’s happening in your own body and mind at that moment.”

    Great to see ADDitude giving space to this approach to treatment.

  3. My son did neurofeedback over the summer He started while taking high daily dose of Concerta We saw immediate results at first then nothing noteworthy So he went thru a second segment and clealy the EEG showed significant difference He did as well He’s no longer on meds – we use MagMind, fishoil, Vit C daily and a zinc every other week along with epsom salt baths He made A/B and 1 C – he’s having a blast in Chemistry and playing basketball I’m broke but my sons doing great and living well! Im a believer!

  4. I’m not sure this’d help. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and I actually regularly get frustrated at my brain for not doing what it’s supposed to be doing, so much so that I’ve actually gotten into a habit of forcing myself to focus on things to the point of a headache. They hurt really bad, do not recommend that kind of “good/bad brain control”. Sets off alarm bells in my head.

    1. Valid point. There are other approaches with neurofeedback that take less conscious effort and are very relaxing while effectively teaching your brain to produce healthier patterns. I’ve used such an approach for years.

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