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“Bad Parenting Is Not What They Told Us It Was”

Bad parenting is not forgiving a tantrum. It is not hugging a belligerent child. Or factoring ADHD neurobiology into your discipline response. Bad parenting is allowing strangers’ (or family members’) condescension or ignorant advice weigh more heavily than what we know to be true about our children, their ADHD, and the healthiest way forward.

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  1. This article describes exactly what got in the way for my parenting. My own inner voice and worry about others’ judgments plagued me, and at the time my kids were young 30 years ago, we didn’t have the science and discoveries we have now. Concepts like emotional dysregulation and neurodivergence were foreign to us. Since then, my son was diagnosed with ADHD in adolescence, my husband not long after, and I have just been recently diagnosed as well. Through growth and learning, I’m able to recognize why that situation was so difficult, allow self-compassion, and recognize the many things I did well. Not the least of which was loving them every moment of their lives. Thank you for this well written and relatable article!

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