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The Best Alarm Clocks for Sleepyheads

Say goodbye to frazzled mornings with alarms designed with the ADHD brain in mind. You'll never sleep in again with features like vibration, aromatherapy, and even a simulated sunrise that give your brain an early-morning boost.

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  1. I have a Philips wake up light and I love it so, SO, much. It really makes it feel like I woke up on my own naturally. I used to get startled out of dreams and feel disoriented and panicked. I don’t know the exact science, but I can tell it “pulls me” into the lightest stage of sleep, and then when the radio starts (I set it to classical music radio, but you can also do bird sounds or other nature sounds) I wake up not at all disoriented. I could not recommend it enough. I got it as a graduation present from my parents. When mine dies (hopefully years from now) I will 100% buy another. I would honestly pay $500 for it is I had to. I believe mine costed around $150. They have a new model now, but I’m in no rush to get it, mine is awesome. I will link mine (not sponsored).

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