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Are You "Chemically Wired" to Gain Weight?

Impulsive or disordered eating and unplanned meals are partially to blame for ADHD's strong correlation with obesity. And then there's your dopamine-seeking brain, which loves carbs and sugar. Learn how to lose weight the ADD way.

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  1. What would it be like to be able to talk about disordered eating and taking care of one’s body without focusing on weight. The term “obesity epidemic” is stigmatizing. Fat people don’t lose significant weight simply by ridding their houses of cookies. Ample research proves that bodies like to stay at the weight they are at, diets don’t work, and fat people can in fact be very healthy. This article contributes to the shaming of fat people when it could instead provide supportive advice for those who feel that they are out of control with food and suffering from binge eating disorder or another form of eating disorder.

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