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"My Buddy in the Billing Department"

You know what never, ever runs like clockwork — even when a neurotypical father is amazingly on top of things? The medical billing department, particularly when insurance is involved. If you’ve ever silently screamed on one end of customer service call, this story will hit a nerve.

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  1. As a bonafide raging adhd rsder I know exactly what you are going throulgh and all praises to your wife. Thank god. I only have to deal with the internet providers bills(cord cutter) whose system is so bad that a federal investigation into complaints has been launched. Thankfully we dont get physicians bills or thank god hospital bills now (i am in Canada) but for 10 years was involved in the processing and management of those claims for a major insurer.. The worst incident was defending a claims processor who responded to a policyholder that his wifes IUD was not covered. Later sued and lost for the Breakup of their marriage, we learned the hard way that personal infrmation is private.
    So there are worse things in letters from your insurer or Doctors office, but at least that hubby, no his wife, was financially compensated.
    And be prepared, mistakes are made and the first line of enquiry seldom has all the information to give the correct answer.. my third ex knew me well enough to take over the followup on those letters.

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