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The Art of Forming Adult Friendships: 8 Tips for the Lonely

Are you an adult with ADHD who finds making friends difficult? Close, long-term relationships are key to happiness. Here are 8 strategies to try if you are finding it difficult to connect with others.

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  1. I agree, it´s complicated to have friends. They take a lot of energi from me and I have to watch out for people who doesn´t want to take an active respons to our relation. As an very intense woman there is always a risk that some people just sit in your sofa and let you do all the work, all talking, all activity, yes everything that´s moving forwards. They are like thiefs who steals your energy and leave you with nothing.
    Sometimes I think there is nothing wrong about me, it´s the other people who are autistic or zoombies and never make a change in their life without pressure. It is people like me with ADHD who makes things happen and that is very exhausting. To always be the one they think is strong and have no need of supporting them. That´s why I enjoy being alone in order to save my energi for to use when it is something I really wants and feel good about. No one else cares if you are tired, sad or sick. They find an other to use and drain energy from. It´s like there is two kind of people in the world, the one who gives and the one who takes.

  2. I only have a couple of significant social ties, and I consider myself fairly happy. I clicked on this post wondering why I just never seem to hang onto friendships. After all, people are social animals and all that. We’re supposed to not be able to be happy without other people. But after reading through the post, I realize that I’m just not that into it. Other people are exhausting, and I get tired of trying to say and do the right things. I mean, for what?

    I don’t think it’s a value add if it just doesn’t come to you naturally. I’m happier being a semi-hermit. There are outliers everywhere. I just need to stop listening to all those voices telling me I HAVE to be social.

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