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Hyperfocus: A Blessing and a Curse

ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell shares insight into the joys of hyperfocus, as well as advice for overcoming the symptom's challenges.

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  1. Excellent article.
    Great ideas. Some I’ve used and found that they really do work, the others I look forward to trying.

    @michituckygirl (Should you ever come back here…)

    I know that feeling. Been there done that, got the t-shirt. – Although, I had help in keeping the house a disaster. 🙂
    Try to forgive yourself for not being Super-woman of the year(s)…None of us are super-heroes,(despite the appearance of our social-media profiles), but that isn’t usually what you want anyway, you’re human. You have ADHD. Your not going to be right, massively productive, or feel wonderful, all the time. In fact you are going to be frustrated, and called every negative thing in the book, if not by your own conscious, then by other less ADHD educated people non-stop.(We ADHD sufferers get used to that…it’s called mildly/majorly depressed.) To help you stay strong, find someone who can help you cope in the face of all that negativity. I’ve even resorted to asking the Almighty for help, at times. 😉

    The Russians have a saying – “Americans strive for perfection, we[Russians]settle for “good enough.” If you are meeting your needs, and or the needs of your family. Forget sparkling perfection. Focus on the good things you’ve got.(It has really helped me to get my “head-on-straight” at times.) If you need help with anything, take the courageous step of asking people who care about you, for it. You would help them feel better by allowing them to help someone they care about, and you get to feel better too, because you would get the things you need. Never be afraid to ask for help. It is the one courageous sign that you are not completely mental. 🙂 Hope that helped.

  2. It is hard to overcome that sense of failure when you’re 50 years old, live alone, the house is a disaster and you have no satisfaction with your work. Not to mention the fear of losing everything due to unpaid bills and rent. Hyperfocus has been a curse my whole life.

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