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"The Family You Choose"

When certain acquaintances trashed my parenting on Facebook, I turned to the friends who love my children, my husband, and me without judgment — in real life.

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  1. You ARE brave. I could never handle close quarters with our youngest daughter (like yours, no fear but also greatly impaired by inattention, impulsiveness and oppositional-defiance with borderline conduct disorder). It’s been a very difficult ‘journey’ (through hell) and has nearly cost us our marriage. We’ve lost very close friends and family who simply avoid getting together because they ‘don’t know what to say’ to be of help. Our youngest is now 22 years old and there’s no end in sight. She refuses to seek help so the hell continues. I don’t think there’s anything more painful than watching your child struggle and suffer through impairments and then coming to the realization that it continues into their adulthood.

  2. What an incredible Blog Posting! I could sooo identify with this!!!
    In my family there are several of us (including 2 of my children) with
    “invisible disabilities”…
    This posting can apply to all of it and was a great comfort in trying
    to deal with it in positive and productive ways.

    The ‘downsizing’ of your lifestyle to meet the needs of your children
    was truly courageous and shows a great wisdom and genuine love for them-
    instead of “keeping up with the Jonse’s”.
    More power to you!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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