Could ADHD Medication Help My Child?
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Does Stimulant Medication Cause Drug Dependence?

An expert addresses the misconception that kids (or adults) with ADHD will become drug addicts if they're treated with stimulant medications.

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  1. I was on stimulants for ADHD for only three months. That’s it. I am now detoxing from that and it is literally harder than quitting smoking. My body is severely addicted to this stuff even though I took the medication exactly as prescribed. Compare that to marijuana. I smoked marijuana daily for three years. When I quit using that it literally was as easy as giving up grape soda.

  2. am prescribed 20mg taken one and 1/2 in morning and at lunch, then at 4pm I take one for the last dose of the day. I have been finding that it does more in keeping me awake and alert for the next day, My Doctor has increased the dosage since I initially started. I had grown a tolerance and it wore off quicker and I don’t have the same effect as when I first started. In the beginning I was highly focused in college lectures but when

  3. The body can build up a tolerance to any drug (alcohol) making the drug less effective at the given dosage so when the meds are not being as effective the Doctor will increase the dosage so the meds can outlast the day. I want to know how children will not be at risk for becoming addicted to stimulants. Stimulants are synthetic cocaine and the non stimulant meds I was prescribed before made me very irritable and I was infuriated at the slightest things. I was prescribed Ritalin as child, I remember that it made me feel like I drank a ton of coffee, but I thought I could tolerate it. My mom took me off, she did not think that feeling heavily caffeinated was a good thing. Later in life I was introduced to Concerta and my mom made a comment on my improved behavior. Now as an adult I am currently prescribed Ritalin once again. I feel focused and I am cognitively obeying the safety regulations at work. I

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