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We Need to Talk About ADHD Stigma in BIPOC Communities

Battling stigma is nothing new in the ADHD community. In Black and other marginalized communities, it abounds — outside and, even worse, inside Black families. But reducing stigma in BIPOC communities is not all on us. We need more practitioners who look, talk, and act like the patients and clients they see.

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  1. This still happens today and my child is white. It’s a failure on our education system. It’s all about $$$$ and educators who are not educated on the real struggles of those who have adhd and or other disabilities. Special education teachers I have found to be worse than the general education teachers. They think they know it all. But they are not behaviorists and so they don’t release the real damage their actions have on their students. They are creating more frustration, lowering self esteem, and not teaching to appropriate grade levels . Failing these students in so many ways. THIS IS AN UNEDUCATED TEACHERS THING AND AN ADHD THING REGARDLESS OF YOUR RACE. The school systems in the US are failing children nationwide. Five schools and three school districts later, we home school in an effort to rebuild self esteem, give help when necessary and get up to grade level so a high school diploma can be in the future. Our education system fails students of All races. So disappointed that this article is meant to only help those of one race when it effects all students of any race. Focus on the real problem.

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