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Enter the ADHD Solutions We Love Sweepstakes!

Enter to win one of four prizes by answering this question below: What ADHD-friendly products or solutions could you not live without? What toys, games, or books are your child's absolute favorites?

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  1. I didn’t know I had ADHD until recently, but I knew I was always disorganized and forgetful, so I cannot live without my calendar! Before the age of smartphones, it was a “Daytrip” calendar, now my google calendar keeps on track and alert. To burn energy, my kids have always loved the trampoline. My daughter has been extremely active in dance for the last 15 years which fueled her creative juices. My boys played with wooden train sets and make-believe when they were little, now they are gamers and readers.

  2. Fidgets, fidgets, fidgets. They have evolved over the years, but my child is good at knowing what she needs. The current favorite is the monkey noodle.

  3. My ADHD solution is exercise! As a college student with ADHD I find that going on jogs and maintaining a regular exercise routine is essential for keeping me on track. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of writing an essay and my head gets foggy, I’ll go for a 15 minute run and be able to properly finish my essay. Running might not be for you though, I encourage you to try to find your own exercise activity that your passionate about.

  4. As a woman with ADHD I love playing Pokemon Go. It helps me get outside and exercise as well as meet new people, in addition to providing me with mindless stimulation when I really need it. But my weighted blanket is also really great, and I my Alexa device to help me make lists that I can look at again on my phone.

  5. My favorite thing right now is thanks to virtual learning, we could not live without a wobble chair! It allows my son to wiggle without disrupting his learning or his classmates. Right now his favorite things are his books, like most young ADHD kids he struggled with reading because of his attention span, but we found graphic novels like Dog Man, Science Comics, Bird & Squirrel, Sparks, Real Pigeons, Captain Underpants, Max Meow, CatStronauts and so many more. Now he begs me to read and his starting to find interest in longer chapter books.

  6. I honestly have a hard time saying which is our favorites. I do believe my son getting through therapy and family therapy helped our family tremendously. My son who is now 14 has used or should I say plays Minecraft, LEGOs and YouTube has been his favorites. He is now requesting a Nintendo Switch. For myself this website and many others have helped me beyond belief. So thank you.

  7. The process that we cannot live without is a point sheet which was started for my daughter while she was at the Day Treatment at Children’s. She earns check marks for positive and earned tasks and behaviors and she receives X marks when she does not follow through with the task or behavior expected for a child her age. This takes the pressure off me as the parent where I am no longer the bad parent enforcing limits or restrictions for not doing what she should, but she gets rewarded for what she does do well and she stays in a more isolated and quiet time area when she does not do what she is required. This way she is directly to take responsibility for her own actions and consequences, whether positive or negative.

    The toys and tools that my daughter finds the most helpful is her squishy toys, healing frequencies off YouTube and the calm down corner. For anxiety, anger and frustration she works the squishy toys in her hands whether at school or at home, but it doesn’t distract her like a fidget spinner does. It is also something she can do in one hand and write notes for class with her other hand so it helps with activity as well. Finding healing frequencies, study and calming frequencies and wavelength frequencies to help her is something she really enjoys. We also made her a calm down corner in her room which has a blanket, a pillow, some books she likes to read, crayons and a color book as well as a pen and her journal so she is able to have several times of ways to filter what she is feeling into something productive, stress-relieving or calming.

    She was just diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder) in August so this is all new to both of us. We would greatly appreciate any of the tools offered by this sweepstakes but the cards seem like maybe something to help in a quick way that could be beneficial. Blessings and prayers for all who have and/or deal with any of these disorders as each day is a little more challenging. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow with others.

  8. I actually read about Neurofeedback and took my sons (4 diagnosed with ADHD) to some sessions. I found it so helpful that I purchased a neurofeedback system, got trained and now give them neurofeedback sessions at home. I am a counselor and was looking for something else to help with the constant changing behaviors of my children. I have also limited the amount of screen time for all my children and that has helped tremendously as well.

  9. My son has ADHD and he needs to have his medicine that helps him with concentrating plus he takes fish oil to help his memory. He must sleep in order to be able to consentrate and accomplish his school tasks so he takes melatonin to sleep. He loves to play Minecraft and Pokemon games. Recently got hooked on a math game and loves to read the dogman book series.

  10. My son really enjoyed the book “All Dogs Have ADHD.” I recommend it. He outgrew it, so it is now in my school counseling office. I also recommend a weighted blanket to help with sleep issues. I got him one a couple Christmases ago…I wish I’d gotten it YEARS earlier!! You can find them reasonably priced through sites like groupon. I got his online through a company called Mosaic. It was pricey. I then got myself one recently through Groupon. I get excellent sleep under it! The recommendation is 1 pound per 10 pounds of body weight, so if you are 150 pounds, don’t go any higher than a 15-pound blanket; a 10 or 12-pound one would work well too. They are heavy, so be aware. That is the point; the weight helps with issues like anxiety and ADHD/other sleep issues.

  11. I am all about sleep! But most nights, my brain just races. I tend to think about everything and worry about even more. Sometimes, I just need to slow my brain down. I keep my head phones under my pillow. I keep the volume down so low that it’s barely audible. The only way for me to hear what song is playing is to shut off my brain a bit. Quiet it if you will. Once my brain has slowed a bit, I tend to fall asleep. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t work 100% of the time. But it probably helps 80% of the time and that 80% is more than welcome.

    Anyone else have tips for falling asleep?

  12. I am a therapist, and I use a bunch of manipulatives such as 3D puzzles, fidget spinners, silly puddy, etc with my students and ADULTS. Anything where they can use their hands is very useful.

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