Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
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Q: Bipolar Meltdown? Or Rejection Sensitivity Meltdown?

If your child is prone to extreme outbursts, it’s important to understand whether the source is ADHD-fueled rejection sensitivity or co-morbid bipolar disorder — the latter means you might be dealing with unprovoked rages called “affective storms.” Treatment options include medication and behavioral management interventions.

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  1. I think I was ADHD about 15 years before the diagnosis was published in the DSM. But I also have C-PTSD from child abuse. And ADHD is often a result of childhood trauma- so chicken/egg? who knows. I also had typical bipolar symptoms until it was discovered that atypical medication helped a whole lot more- plus repressed memories surfaced which I had to deal with. The point being- I recognized that my meltdowns were caused more often by sensory overload which I read about on a site for autism. That was the only autism like symptom I had- but it was so much better than when people accused me of having a temper tantrum! I just had to escape to somewhere quiet!! I also have- still- PTSD triggers, which are different and don’t occur often, anymore. But when they do, I’ve been accused of temper tantrums for them- and they definitely aren’t. I may jump and screen when my startle reflex is triggered and people around me over-react and won’t leave me alone to recover. I hate it that people don’t even try to understand. It’s bad enough what I’ve been through- but then judged as a bad person for things that are physical just keeps the trauma repeating.

    This is the first I’ve hear of ADHD REjection Sensitive Dysphoria. Heaven knows I was rejected whenever I asked for help from parents as a kid. The abuse was caused by my parents refusing to understand or deal with my sister’s birth defect, but my ADHD didn’t help. But again- the chicken or egg?

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