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The Science of Fear: Probing the Brain Circuits That Link ADHD and PTSD

Research increasingly reveals a strong relationship — and reciprocal risk factors — between ADHD and PTSD. What explains this mutual comorbidity? PTSD is associated with dysfunction in areas of the brain implicated in fear extinction learning. New studies reveal that individuals with ADHD have similarly deficient fear circuitry, which could begin to explain the disorders’ link.

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  1. I googled it and apparently ADHD children are more likely to be abused by their parents and child abuse frequently leads to PTSD. So, having ADHD could lead to developing PTSD because… abelism and abuse.


  2. So, are you guys watching my search history or something? 🙂

    Recently I was at a wounded vet place and they were talking about the problems and treatments they did for the vets. It sounded just like ADHD so I started wondering about myself. I’m dyslexic and primary and secondary school was literally a nightmare for me. Being humiliated by teachers and students, not understanding how to fit in, and everything else described on these pages. At this point, the chicken and egg of ADHD and PTSD doesn’t matter. What does matter is the solution. Medications caused me bad side effects. The one thing that does help is meditation. That’s rather vague but what I do while meditating is focus on “stepping back from my thoughts” and watching what pops up and simply asking where did that come from before pushing it down and away. I also try and focus on joy, love, being part of a greater whole and just positive things. One thing I have noticed is that if I miss doing mediation I become more agitated, scatter brained, negative, and unfocused. After reading this article I’m wondering if maybe it’s just helping to strengthen those parts of my brain that are described in this article.

  3. When I was trying to get my ADHD diagnosis, one of the mental health specialist attributed the problems with focus to my cPTCD and basically ignored any of my arguments. The correlation between PTSD and ADHD makes SO much sense in my case.

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