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"Dear Anxiety: You're Robbing My Kids of Their Mama"

My kids are so excited to see me when I get home from work, but all I want to do is sleep because, well, I haven't done that in years.

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  1. My doctor just told me that my body doesn’t like the way I’m living my life! I need to let go of all my shoulds and live a life that makes me feel complete. I agree with the comment above, I’m working on being an underachiever! We need to let go of the idea that we can and “should” be everything!
    So if family time will help you relax and enjoy and unwind, then let those dishes wait and go be with the family. Or if what you need is rest; when you husband takes the kids, use that time for YOU and rest. Not cleaning the house. I just hired house cleaners! Best investment I’ve ever made for my sanity and families.No guilt!
    And when my husband takes the kids for the afternoon, I rejoice and spend some much needed me time, reading and relaxing – or of course shopping if I have the energy which is rare!

  2. I’ve responded to my tendency toward worry and anxiety by being an underachiever, and while I have some hope that I can improve in this general area, I know that I will never be a super woman. And that’s ok. Our society glorifies the super woman, but not everyone is cut out for that, and, again, that’s ok. (Even the super women, I suspect, aren’t necessarily cut out for being super women. They are always “on” and always running on empty bc they feel pressure to perfect.)

    I vote for slowing down, for taking care of yourself, for seeing what’s really and truly important, and for not succumbing to the pressure to do it all and have it all in life.

  3. I think you are living inside of me! Hugs!!!!! I’m in bed now, middle of Sunday w migraine a million things to do before work tomorrow, then when I get there too.

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