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ADHD Neuroscience 101

An expert on attention deficit and learning disabilities talks about the biology behind ADHD and why it's sometimes so difficult to diagnose and treat symptoms in children.

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  1. ADHD is not based on a chemical imbalance in the brain. In fact not a single “mental illness” is. The scientists themselves you did the experiments were NOT able to conclude that chemical imbalance is related to ADHD. Please stop spreading this false message. You are destroying people’s lives. These medications may only abate symptoms short term. They have dire long term consequences that actually perturb the normal working brain into working abnormally. You should be held accountable for spreading this false information, harming millions of lives, and have your license revoked.

  2. NeddieSaegoon,
    there are different medications for adhd, stimulant or non stimulant. but both have impacts on the same things ; the goal for the methylphenidate is to increase the amount of dopamine, by blocking the dopamine transporter so there is a larger amount of that neurotransmetteur into the synapses and then dopamine will be synthetized into norepinephrine.

  3. ‘Stimulants work by causing the brain to synthesize more norepinephrine’
    Is methylphenidate not a stimulant then? My understanding of the term ‘reuptake inhibitor’ is roughly the opposite of ‘causing the brain to synthesize more’

  4. A Harvard white paper seems to say that this helps 36% of children, if I am reading it correctly. Title something like “Harvard White Paper BB August 2019”.

  5. Dr. Larry Silver,
    Please look into Harvard’s Neuropharmacologist
    Dr. Martin Teicher’s research on Brain Balance therapy.
    ADHD is not a chemical imbalance as your article has lead parents to believe
    It is a functional disconnection problem that can be fixed by strengthening the connections in those brain regions. The use of creating stellar environments to promote brain growth( neuroplasticity) is going to be the new and safest go to prescription now that parents are sick of the lack of enduring results they get from putting their child’s developing brain on neurotransmitter medication that doesn’t get to the root cause of their child’s symptom to get rid of them. All parents want to get rid of the problem not mask it but they have been misguided for so many years due to the lack of research showing you can change the brain to get it back on track to normal development through specific neuromotor exercises, activities, and foods.

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