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The ADHD Brain Processes Rewards & Consequences Differently

Traditional carrots and sticks don’t motivate students with ADHD – that much is clear. But the neurological underpinnings behind this behavior still mystify many parents and teachers. Here, understand why the ADHD brain is tough to motivate, and how you can adjust your teaching and/or parenting accordingly.

4 Comments: The ADHD Brain Processes Rewards & Consequences Differently

  1. You forgot the most important point — never let them read this article.

    As an adult with ADHD, talking about us as a “problem to be solved” makes me feel very alienated and gross.

  2. Thank you very much. This article has confirmed that the goals and intervention techniques that I’m using with my ADHD patient are right. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for your info..I’m really struggling to motivate my son to do sports and other things like even playing outside…I need help

  4. Really interesting and very easy to follow. Thank you for sharing the information in a professional and at the same time friendly format. You mentioned “developing self-awareness” as one of the key ways to tap into a child’s own motivation. Would you agree that one of the ways to achieve this is to introduce “mindfulness” to the children to help them develop self-awareness? Are there any mindful activities such as meditation, kids yoga, breathing exercises, etc. that you have come across?

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