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Our Fifty Dollar Toothpaste

Often, my kids’ ADHD misadventures are innocent and tame, if not a little trying on my patience. Sometimes, however, it costs us a lot of money when our children stumble. And on those occasions, it’s awfully tough to laugh it off.

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  1. Friend, I hate to darken the name of good dentistry, but I feel compelled to mention that not all dentists are ethical. I won’t assume your dentist is among that rank, but perhaps it is worth asking the question. My sister is a dentist and has told me more than a few horror stories of greed and self-serving motives. $50 for toothpaste seems a bit excessive (especially since most municipal water is already treated with plenty of fluoride). And an early follow-up without mention of cavities? Hmmmm…. Trust me, your kid is in good company if he doesn’t brush his teeth long enough to sing the entire Birthday Song. And the rest of us aren’t buying $50 toothpaste.

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