Can We Treat ADHD Naturally?
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The Magic Mineral: Iron

There are simple ways to help your child get more iron — a nutrient shown to decrease ADHD symptoms. Here, find iron-rich foods for the whole family.

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  1. Although my comment is about your list of suggested iron-rich foods. Please educate yourself about the high residues of glyphosate in Cheerios and Wheaties. Glyphosate (brand name is Roundup) is an especially toxic pesticide and proven carcinogen. This pesticide is being sprayed on wheat, oats, and other crops, often as a desiccant that speeds ripening, around the time of harvest. This is why residues of this poison are so high in these products. ADHD or not (and I have ADHD and understand the importance of helping ADHD symptoms in every way possible), no one, especially children, should be eating these foods. Residues are even present in supposedly organic foods. Here are three links:

    This is not a situation where the benefits of iron for ADHD outweigh the risks of ingesting this very toxic chemical, whether one is considering overall health, ADHD, or the connection between the two.

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