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ADHD Meds for Less

"I am on a very limited budget and my co-pays on prescriptions have gone up. I am benefiting from the ADHD medication I am taking, but if prices go up any more, I will have to go without. Do you have ideas on how to make my prescription drug bill more affordable?"

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  1. LOL… Is this what it has really come too? Vyvanse works so good but it’s so expensive so we are searching the internet for ways to “extend” it or stretch it as far as possible lol. And to qualify for the “Patient Care programs” you have to be almost destitute and if you do qualify for it and are feeling better on Vyvanse, you better not try to improve your financial situation because you will not longer qualify for it and will have to start selling yourself to pay for it. And if you get a better job because Vyvanse is working and it does most often, and are making more money you have to wait months until your insurance kicks in at your new job, so you will be selling yourself or really googling how to stretch out Vyvanse to afford it. And it might not work as well, so you will likely lose your new job and be back in the same situation. But at least you will qualify for the drug companies’ patient cares program again to get Vyvanse for free.

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