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Is ADHD Medication Safe If You Have a History of Substance Abuse?

Can adults with a history of substance abuse safely take ADHD medication? Get the facts about gateway drugs, health risks, and prescription stimulants.

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  1. If we are going to have the patient sign a contract, and things like the tone of this article he present within treatment, perhaps, we as a society and especially physicians, stop writing stimulant presicption for anyone at risk of abusing the medication which would include humans with histories of abusing drugs ……. So, know that we have prescribed a human with a drug that doesn’t have to be one-stop treatment for ADHD — we are willing to have them sign a waiver of sorts criminalizing them should they do what we know substance abuse RD current and former have no control over. And the “must not be tolerated” and the likes tone — we no longer judge our most-suffering population with black and white think /signing a contract lol

    And I’m a pretty sure having signed a contract is not poping into their head once they finally give in and go finally indulge, after hours is staring at the bottle across the kitchen/! Hours shuts a pysician. Prescribed a dru

  2. Would not like to stereotype here, however when an adult hands a child a pill, without trying all alternatives available such as medical testing for food sensitivities, parental behavior and stability of the home. Medication should be a last resort not a first go to. Irregardless of what this article says it absolutely does causes adult dependency issues. Commonly now doctors prescribe these medications without testing and a lot of times peds prescribe. I was blown away when I talk to a 60 year old mother and she explained to me that her pedi placed her children on this specific drug by the age of 8. She said she had too many kids and she could not handle it. All three are chemically dependent. I have also seen where parents have the doctors prescribe to their children and the parents take it ??? I am thankful for my parents because as a child the strongest we were ever given was a baby aspirin or flintstone vitamin. I have struggled with my own son and I took him to a good Immunologist and GI and he does avoid some food and it was a flip of the switch. The studies here are quite predjudice to say the least. Common addiction becomes marijuana which long term or early puberty use causes lifelong anxiety and so does amphetamines not to mention how it ruins the heart.

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