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11 Steps to Prescribing and Using ADHD Medication Effectively

Medical school doesn’t teach ADHD medications. The research can be confusing. Every patient's ADHD symptoms are different. But physicians can help their patients effectively treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder using these rules.

11 Comments: 11 Steps to Prescribing and Using ADHD Medication Effectively

  1. I just registered so I could call b*ll sh*t on this article.

    > It doesn’t make sense to have multiple trials of different kinds of methylphenidate or amphetamine. One trial of the best medication of each kind is enough to determine which will work best for the patient.

    Bull sh*t! It makes perfect sense to have multiple trials which could include various adjustments in dosing and, not to be downplayed – in the manufacturer (in the case of generics). I can’t stomach Adderall (IR or XR) but Vyvanse works just fine. Upon being diagnosed with Varying Attention Stimulus Trait (VAST; it’s not a freakin’ disorder!) I went through varying doses of Ritalin, Vyvanse, Adderall XR, Adderall IR, and Mydayis before deciding that Vyvanse worked the best and had the least amount of negative side effects.

    > “If a person feels different, the dose is too high or too low.”.

    Bull sh*t! Why would I ingest or otherwise take part in ANYTHING unless it made me feel different? Better, worse, healthy, unhealthy, sad, happy, aroused, etc. This article is chock-full of contradictions. Please do folks a favor and take it down.

    Vyvanse helps me think and for this article to imply that because I feel more focused that my dosage is too high is just:
    B U L L S H * T ! ! !

    I felt highly insulted by this cockamamie jumble of falsified intellect and I hope you work on straightening your facts as well as your delivery, once the facts been implemented.

  2. I’ve been taking 15 mg of adderall XR for 3 years (started with 10mg). I’ve taken a lot of breaks long through out the years, because of the cost and side effects. I started taking it again more regularly since November of last year, while still taking weekend and holiday breaks. I often notice what I think is adderall crashes that make me super sleepy and tired for multiple days during these breaks. I told my doctor about this and she said it’s not possible with the 15mg dose. Is this true? Can I get adderall crashes from discontinuing 15mg of adderall? I figure I am just sensitive to medication.

    I also get dry mouth, migraines, GI upset (has improved), and increased urination (about every hour). I’m told that GI upset and frequent urination aren’t side effects of adderall, but I’ve seen it listed on Mayo Clinic, and other people have mentioned it on forums. I also notice these symptoms with caffeine, but they are usually milder. Could my urinary and GI symptoms be caused by adderall?

    I feel like this has something to do with my metabolism. I wasn’t able to tolerate the IR version these symptoms were more severe. I also drink more water (6-8 cups) than I usually do to reduce the migraines I often get with adderall. I’ve tried to decrease my water intake, but that seems to triggers the migraines. Can adderall cause dehydration?

  3. I had one doctor who “got” the fact that not everyone requires the same doses. I metabolize adderall very quickly and unfortunately after many trials in different meds adderall is the only med that works. This dr has since moved out of state and I cannot find any dr willing to follow her treatment plan. So i am back to square one drowning in returned adhd symptoms so sad that every physician cannot remove their blinders for stimulant medications

  4. Third time I have readvthis article and finally noticed those important words “except Concerta” . I stopped this med as the only effect at the lowest dose was increased angry reactions.

  5. When dose is off, you can have zombie like symptoms. Dose off, does it mean too high or too low?

    1. Usually, “zombie like” means the dose is too high, or that it’s just not the right medication for you. Discuss this with your prescribing doctor.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Trainer on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

    2. Or maybe it means the dose wearing off, but I get zombielike as effect, after 1,5 hours after intake.

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