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Are You Listening?

People with ADHD often lack social interaction skills. Whether you talk non-stop, drift in and out of conversation, or only talk about yourself, there are ways to take note and become a better conversationalist.

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  1. Let me be the devils advocate here. OK? So lets talk about “Politeness” as a social contstruct. Who determines what is “polite’ and what is NOT polite. Its everyone who is NOT adhd. Right? All the “civilized people. Correct? So this entire society is built on concepts of what “normal” people think are polite. How is that fair? Why should WE have to change to be the way everyone else is just because we dont fit in. Why cant we just work on advocating for acceptance instead of change? Seriously…People shouldnt care whether i comment on what they are saying. I have no use for social constructs that are arbitrarily determined by the majority. Sorry not sorry!

  2. This article was extremely helpful for me and echoes what my wife would always tell me. I remember when I was dating in college, I would talk way too much about myself and not let the girl intercede with thoughts about her own life and experiences. So naturally, I had many first dates, but very few seconds!

    Now that I’m divorced and live alone, I would like to find a local therapist that could give me some tips on how and when to just be silent and let the other person talk for a while. I’ve also thought that role playing with family and friends might help me to develop a more equitable conversation strategy.

    Thanks again for the insight!

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