Eating Disorders
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The ADHD-Eating Disorders Link

If you have ADHD, then you're also at risk for developing an eating disorder. Find out why feelings of inadequacy may lead to issues with food, and discover how therapy or medication can help you on the road to recovery.

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  1. A great read is Pieces of A Puzzle: The Link Between Eating Disorders and ADD by Carolyn Piver Dukarm, MD. Dr. Dukarm is able to translate her knowledge and recommendations into a context that is easy to understand and apply.

  2. Also, the boredom associated with lack of dopamine can lead to overeating. Using food as a quick fix for chronic dopamine deficiency seems like potentially a common theme among people, especially those with ADHD.

  3. The title of this alone is making me cringe. There is no way this is comparable to a Heroin addiction, where that is lethal and has affected so many families. Please consider re-naming this article.

  4. I’m definitely a food addict. I’ve never come across anything that spiked nearly as much pleasure in my brain as warm, soft chocolate chip cookies. I mean NOTHING. I lose control of myself.

    My brain’s pleasure center is, unfortunately, the only part of my anatomy that likes junk food. These days I treat food addiction like drug addiction. I abstain from addictive foods. I know what triggers me to binge, and these foods are no longer in my diet. It’s HARD. Been at it almost 2 years, and the cravings never really stop.

  5. Do not see any Doctor, psychiatrist, psychologists who is not an expert on ADHD.
    They will prescribe SSRI’s which hijacks the dopamine receptors. We need more dopamine not less.

    Pharmaceutical marketing information does not address the decrease on will power or motivation caused by SSRI’s (direct result of depleted dopamine).
    Binge eating is directly linked to low dopamine levels. Stimulants will help someone regulate their over eating, their over drinking, the street drugs. Their bodies are looking for dopamine which Dcs further reduce by prescribing SSRI’s.

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