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“But I Went to Law School! I Couldn’t Possibly Have… Oh.”

“As the kids say, I was ‘shook.’ But in a strange way, receiving my ADHD diagnosis also felt like arriving at a familiar place of comfort. Home, even. All of a sudden, so much more about me made sense.”

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  1. Finally, I stammered: “But I went to law school,” as if this achievement had inoculated me.

    “That’s nice,” he replied.

    Should’ve said: “Wow! Think what you could have done without ADHD!”

  2. “I like to think that my brain is prioritizing. Maybe there are only certain amounts of neurotransmitters available for a given day. My ADHD treatment has enabled me to have access to at least some of them, and my brain is directing these benefits to the tasks that matter most. Family schedule. Work to-dos. Paying bills. Putting in one contact lens.”

    You have no idea how much I can relate to this statement!!!! I always tell my psychologist that I think that daily life is like a never-ending gaming arcade where the games are everyday tasks and that I get less coins than the other kids… When I start eating well and exercising, I lose track with my PhD, When I’m getting work done, I’m not spending time on my hobbies. Not because I run out of time, but out of steam… I didn’t go to law school, but I do have a masters degree in chemical engineering, so nobody (except my doctors and husband) believes me when I say I have ADD. It explains the “mood swings”, the sensitivity, the hyperfocus… all of it. literally ALL OF IT!!! Thank you for sharing your story. I feel a little less insane now.

  3. This is brilliant! My thing was always going on trips with my daily contact lenses in, forgetting I need lenses for the rest of the trip, and thus being blind for these trips!

    Laser eye surgery sorted this issue for a good few years until very recently where I have had to get some glasses just for lectures etc.

    Three days into having them and I place them on floor while I sit on the sofa, forget they are there, get up and trod on them.

    Have to laugh 🤣

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