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Why Do Kids with ADHD Get Hooked on Fortnite?

It’s violent. It’s fast-paced. It’s funny. But the attraction to Fortnite goes deeper for many players with ADHD. Here, tweens and teens describe their magnetic attraction to this multi-player sandbox survivor game.

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  1. The guidelines provided are excellent. It should be noted that the 4 hours/day recommended for 10-13 is ALL screens: computers, tablets, phones, TV. The worst thing about screentime usually isn’t the activities. Some shows, games, and tools are awesome. It’s what the kids are NOT doing while they are staring at a device. They aren’t playing, talking, being active.

    I would not let my 10-year-olds do Fortnite because of the online multiplayer. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were allowed to play before age 13 without a parent signing them up. Which you should never do. My wife and I recently went to a social media talk that was eye-opening. One key point was being very wary of signing under-13 kids up for any kind of social media (and online multiplayer games are part of that.) And no smartphones either. If they want to communicate, get them flip phones.

    Not that we are anti-tech, we both work in technology. It just needs to be introduced carefully, even for non-EFD kids.

  2. Is there a guide parents can refer to for average appropriate screen time for ADHD kids? I know the cutoff times (before bed etc.) but what about average daily time limitations?

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