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5 Overlooked Signs of ADHD - the Inattentive Type

“People with inattentive ADHD are not lazy, stupid, unwilling, or oppositional. They have a biologically based challenge with attending to the task at hand, and their brains tire more quickly.” 

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  1. For note taking in school, I’ve found the app Notability to be invaluable. It lets you sync up your notetaking with the audio and find your place more easily when you’ve zoned out. When you relisten to the audio it will “play” your notes so you know where you were. I like to add a note to revisit a timestamp so I can pinpoint exactly what I missed and add it in after the fact!

  2. I respect what you are sharing here, and it is true. But I truly hate hate hate this new term for ADD. As if the term Attention Deficit Disorder does not already have enough negative adjectives, now somebody decided to add a new one to it that I don’t even feel is accurate. I can absolutely be attentive if something is interesting too me. And really, doesn’t “attention deficit” already state that paying attention might be a bit challenging for us? This term doesn’t make sense to me now, never did, I’ve read why they changed it and it still doesn’t make sense. I have no idea why the professional community felt this need to describe it differently and make us sound like we are all a bunch of space cadets all the time while those with hyperactivity must have no problem with attentiveness since its not tagged onto their condition. I still use the term ADD when describing my challenges. I will never adopt this new term.

  3. It all fits to the T but the ideas to help any of them…who has NOT tried all of these already?

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