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We’ve Got Your Back: 75 Tricks By (and For!) Women with ADHD

Tips and tricks won’t cure ADHD, but some fresh insight and ideas — from two women with ADHD who have "been there" — can shore up our sagging self-esteem when we forget to buy orange juice at the store (for the third time) or re-wash wet sheets that have turned sour in the machine.

9 Comments: We’ve Got Your Back: 75 Tricks By (and For!) Women with ADHD

  1. I don’t know, but some of these seem a bit tone-deaf. Keep a notebook and post-it pad next to the phone? Sorry, I’ve never had a stationary phone as an adult, and my pockets are barely big enough to carry my cell phone.
    Auto-pay my bills and use a tab checkbook? Sorry, but if I used Autopay I have no idea how much money I actually have to spend and that’s just asking for my utilities or car payment to get bounced instead of paid. And I don’t know where you can still use an actual check anymore, except for huge things like apartment deposits and down payments on homes or cars.

    Duplicate items? Great for making sure you don’t run out of cleaning products or toiletries. But two backpacks for your kid is just asking for you to get confused on what backpack when. Or for your kid to forget which one they had that day.

  2. Does anyone else wonder if you would have developed these essential coping skills so well if you had been medicated as a child? On the other hand, with early medication I may not have bumped my head so much, cut my finger tips so many times or spent the majority of my time stuck in a bathroom with IBS.

  3. If I need to take a letter, or I get an appointment card, or tickets for a show, etc, I staple it to the appropriate page on my calendar that hangs on a door in my kitchen. That way it’s a visual reminder of something coming up and I don’t lose them (although I have been known to forget to remove them to take them with me to said appointment, etc)

  4. Most of these I also came up with (apart from the mom section), again shredding some doubt and fear of possibly having been misdiagnosed.
    I swear by these. I make backups of everything in case of lost or damaged phone (I have an LG with a boot loop issue, but damn, is it a handy phone for the hacks I use and implemented)
    I do have to call the dentist again, it’s been two years…. and I have an accountant for my taxes… and I have to pay the fine for not paying the fine on time.
    Life with ADHD can be expensive.
    Thankfully my work doesn’t make a federal case about being late, I just cut my break short of leave later and they accept it.
    What helps me level a lot is my tai chi. I’ve been doing it for a little over two years now and I still love it, also because I am actually entering competitions with it and that keeps me going, but after each practice, especially the ones I didn’t feel like going, I feel so much better 🙂 🙂
    Ok, I’m rambling, back to work, break’s over.

  5. Love all of this!! Finally having the right diagnosis is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I can finally move on and get the help I’ve needed, and this is it. Reading these articles is comforting, I see myself for the first time, its reassuring knowing I am like others. I’m grateful as a woman, I only wish I could have been given the help as a young girl. I hope others benefit at a younger age and the subject remains open for our daughters the alternative is and was so painful.

  6. I got some good ideas from this article. I already use some of these and they help. One area I’m very challenged in is getting to work on time. I try the tricks but I still find it hard getting my butt in the shower.

  7. myGP dont believe i have ADHD but all the test i do i fit in 100 % ADHD catagory and i am adult !its very frustrating i wish i knew this earlier !!!!

  8. Really great list. Quite a number of these I’ve discovered on my own and swear by! But I picked up some good ideas, too and it is nice to ha e some of my old standby’ validated. Thanks!

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