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How to Be a Workplace Whiz

ADHD can get in the way of a promotion and raise — unless you stay two steps ahead of troubling symptoms. Here’s your game plan for winning at work.

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  1. I’m with KaijuKitty. This is where I am, too. My partner wanted to start a business and I was all over it because I was so burnt out on Corporate America. Now I have to make all the calls in regards to how every second of my time is managed. It’s hard. Even with Adderall my mornings are still spacey more often than not (I am an evening / night person. It sucks), although once I do sit down to do some work I can usually focus well enough. It’s getting to the desk that’s hard. I say that my focus is good early in the day but my attention is just not, if that makes sense.

    Then there are the days when my brain just ain’t into work. Pomodoros are the best tool I’ve found for that. I also give myself a Pomodoro or 2 when I first sit down. I do my artist pages / journaling, and then I do a Pomodoro where I check my to do list, set my objective for what I want to accomplish for the day, check work email, and, finally, check my personal email with the time I have left and the 5 minute break. It does help put my brain in work mode.

    Geez, maybe I should write the article. Heh.

  2. I would LOVE to see an article like this for those ADHDers like me who are self-employed both by choice and because of not being able to fit into a “normal” job.

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