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"Adulting Is Hard. Teening May Be Harder."

For my son, puberty brought with it more defiance and arguments. Our no-nonsense parenting approach wasn’t working, and neither was his emotional response. So we pushed pause and made a joint resolution to calm down and breathe. The attitude adjustment seems to be working.

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  1. Congrats on the compromise! It sounds like you have a great relationship with your son. My oldest (diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum) is 11, just started middle school and has started being rather defiant. We often have to work out ‘deals’ to keep everything running smoothly sometimes. I think something like this might work to keep us all sane.

  2. Helicopter Dad – Bless you on your negotiation of a new approach to communicating (even when disciplining) you son. A few successes, even minor ones, go a long way.

  3. You are right and any limited success is helpful later in life. Iit never goes away completely, though i spent 4.5 years in the armed forces where time is everything.
    Near the age of 35 I started to be late or completely miss important meetings with clients. Very few would come to my Office in the busiest part of Downtown unless they were already there to meet their lawyers. (Consultant). One in particular grew accustomed to a very expensive lunch a few blocks away when she had other business nearby. A $20k retainer and usually additional work was not enough to keep the appointment in mind once i became hyperfocussed on a project and i show up an hour late . After the second incident i was fired.
    As this was in addition to many other lesser crimes (15 minutes late with others) the responsibility for me being on time was transferred to far more punctual and responsible staff iN my office until retirement. Just another advantage of entrepreneurship.

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